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About Us

Sensitive Network, where cutting-edge digital technology meets the critical need for safeguarding data exchange and communications. We provide advanced solutions that ensure the utmost security and privacy, empowering businesses and government agencies to have full control of their data and communications in an increasingly interconnected world.

Classified Data Exchange

We implement the CIA Triad's core principles of Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability. Protecting classified information during transmission, maintaining secrecy, ensuring accurate content and enabling timely access for authorized users. Our holistic approach forms the foundation of classified data exchange in sensitive contexts.

Confidential Computing

Confidential Computing establishes secure memory Enclaves where sensitive data is processed fully encrypted, also while in use. It ensures that data remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access, bolstering privacy and confidentiality while maintaining the benefits of cloud computing's scalability and resiliency.

Zero Trust Security

We follow the Zero Trust security model to counter modern cyber threats. When applied to sensitive data and communications, it enforces rigorous authentication, micro-segmentation, least privilege access, and encryption. This approach eradicates implicit trust and enhances data protection, with a proactive and comprehensive approach to fortify the overall security.

Confidential Real-Time-Comms

Our Confidential RTC is fortified by E2E Encryption and Confidential Computing, ensuring the utmost privacy and security. Unauthorized access is prevented by safeguarding data from sender to recipient. Coupled with encrypted processing in secure enclaves, it guarantees sensitive information remains concealed even while in use.

End-To-End Encryption

E2E Encryption is the security protocol that safeguards data transmission from sender to recipients. It ensures that only the intended parties can access and decipher the sensitive information, preventing intermediaries, service providers, and potential attackers from intercepting or understanding the encrypted content, thereby preserving privacy and confidentiality.

Full Privacy

We enable complete privacy in the online and cloud context, empowering our users to retain full control over their sensitive data. By implementing strong encryption, user-centric authentication, and secure data handling practices, our users can confidently exchange data and engage in real-time-communications while maintaining ownership and authority over their data and personal information.

Strategic Parteners

Embark on a Secure Journey


The discovery phase is the crucial initial step in gathering your business requirements. We will help you through an initial free consultations and research to comprehensively identify your organization's needs, objectives, and challenges.


In the design phase, architecture, APIs, security protocols are meticulously planned for the classified data exchange or confidential real-time-comms, ensuring seamless functionality while maintaining rigorous privacy and protection mechanisms.


During the integration phase, the solution seamlessly merges with the user's digital ecosystem, aligning with cloud or on-premise infrastructures and policies. This ensures efficient interoperability and system performance through rigorous testing measures.

Software as as Service

We deliver the SaaS solution. Our users benefit from easy scalability, code updates, infrastructure patches and cost-effective access to secure cloud technologies. A fully managed service that provides peace of mind by handling all aspects of operation, maintenance and support.

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Our Services

Dedicated to safeguarding sensitive information, our comprehensive solutions include custom-tailored services that cater to unique security and privacy needs. We prioritize your confidentiality to fully comply with CIA Triad requirements. Embark on a secure journey with us by taking advantage of an initial free consultation, where our experts will assess your requirements and devise a personalized strategy to ensure your data remains impenetrable.

Data Exchange

  • End-To-End Encryption
  • Confidential Computing
    Isolated Enclave
  • CIA Triad Compliant
  • API Integration
  • Web Interface
  • Text & All File Types
  • Availability Regions
    EU, UK, US, CA, AU, IN, JP, SG, KR
  • NO tracking, scanning, ads, AI-training
  • Dedicated Instance & Customer Support


  • End-To-End Encryption
  • Confidential Computing
    Isolated Enclave
  • CIA Triad Compliant
  • API Integration
  • SSO, Local, External
    Account Management
  • Universal App
    Web, Android, iOS
  • Text & Audio Messages
  • Group Messaging
  • Audio & Video Calls
  • File Attachments
  • Location Sharing
  • NO tracking, scanning, ads, AI-training
  • Dedicated Instance & Customer Support